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Every year we go there. Every year we have fun. Every year we go swimming. Every year we play with happiness. Every year we laugh together. Every year we play games. Every year we go on walks. Every year we go fishing. Every year we have to leave you. I never want to leave you.

Agate Lake Resort is close to my heart because it brings my family together. Even though this precious place is three hours away, it never stops us from going there and having a blast.

Agate Lake is in Nisswa, MN. There are a lot of fun places to go shopping, eating, and play games like mini golf, go carts and more. We all love to go fishing together on a pontoon that we rent. One time my uncle caught a fish and he put the fish right in my face and I thought that it was going to kiss me. There is also a lot of other fun stuff that you can do. You can go swimming, jump off the docks, go on walks together, play on the play-set and in the sandbox.

At the Resort there are a total of twelve cabins. We always stay in cabin 2. Most of the cabins look the same from the outside, but some are a little different inside. Every year my family goes up the Agate Lake Resort around the Fourth of July. On the Fourth of July we get to stay up late because the fireworks are at night so we can see them. The fireworks there are awesome even though I wear headphones because the firework sound is too loud for my ears. There are also some fireworks across the lake so it is extra awesome to watch.

Almost every morning my dad, my brother (Dylan), my grandpa, and my uncle go fishing. They wake up early so they have a better chance of catching fish. Every morning when I wake up, I would see that the bed right next to me was empty. The sheets would be all messy. That showed me that my sister was awake, I would open the door and see my sister, my grandpa, and sometimes my brother. The television would be on and my sister would be watching cartoons.

We would all wait for everyone to get up and then we would get our swimming suits and sunscreen on. We grabbed our goggles and towels and we were off to the beach. We always have to bring an adult with us. My grandma and grandpa usually come with us. My grandpa always throws a ball into the water for us to catch. My brother and sister always jump off the dock. I never do. I walk into the water like a statue.

My brother calls, “Stop being a chicken and jump off the dock”.

I reply, “No, because I know that I will be cold”.

My sister calls, “Come in it’s warm”.

They both come over to me and the push me over. I scream at them, “Really, you had to do that”.

They reply, “ Yeah because you wouldn’t come in for another half an hour!” They were right.

After we went swimming for awhile one of us would go and get our dad. It would take him forever just to come down to the lake. When he finally got in the lake, he would chase after us, then pick us up. He would pick us up out of the water and he would throw us back in. It was really fun when he did that.

We would swim for awhile longer and then my mom would bring down some snacks. After we ate some snacks my siblings and I would make a sand castle. Sometimes we would do it together and sometimes we would make our own. My mom always takes a picture when we were done. My siblings and I play games all the time. It is really fun.

At this heart warming place, you can leave a lot of special memories there. You can always trust Agate Lake Resort to keep your memories safe. It will never let them drown in the lake.

This is why I never want to leave this place.

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